Angkor What!? | Siem Reap | SE Asia #017

But really, what can we even say about Angkor Wat?

But really, what can we even say about Angkor Wat? No doubt you’ve already heard plenty about this world wonder, and there’s a reason why. The ancient temples and ruins that sprawl across the 400 square kilometers of Angkor Archaeological Park are simply stunning, not to mention the jungle, fields, and lakes that you’ll find there too.

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Visiting the Lushun Russo-Japanese Prison

Everything you need to know when visiting the Russo-Japanese Prison in Lushun, China.

Lushun, a port-side suburb of Dalian, is located about a two hour public transport ride south of the city centre. Formerly known as Port Arthur, it was an important site during the Russo-Japanese War fought from 1904-05 and is littered with historic sites, including the Lushun Prison. During a rare day off together, we made the trek to check it out and now consider it a must-see spot for anyone visiting Dalian.

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