Art Thou Ready For More Art? | Bangkok | SE Asia #021

The art in Bangkok delivered in more ways than one and here are our favourite spots.

Can’t lie – we were a little disappointed by Bangkok. But the city redeemed itself in the one way that mattered to us: It’s art scene. Here are our two favourite spots in Bangkok that you absolutely can’t miss:

The Artist’s House

The Artist’s House is a 200-year old house that now houses a café, puppet theatre, and art space that allows for all types of creation.

If you’re lucky enough to visit on a show day, you’ll get to take in some traditional Thai puppetry. Unfortunately, we were greeted by the dreaded “No Show Today” sign, but we were able to observe an artist working on some of his masks and puppets which was an intriguing performance in itself.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on activity, you can make your own DIY bracelet with some of the beautiful beads displayed on many of the tables in the cafe or paint your own mask while taking in the river views.

We spent our time exploring the upstairs gallery, taking in the water-colour paintings, clay sculptures, and acrylic pieces, followed by a browse through the Artist House’s gift shop.

But even if none of the activities here are your thing, almost anyone would enjoy spending an hour or two feeding the fish along this quiet stretch of river.

Artist's House along the river in Bangkok.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

For those looking for a busier and more energetic vibe, you can’t miss the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Part art mall, part gallery, the Centre offered plenty of cafés and art boutiques lining the insides of the spiral-shaped nine floor building. And let’s not forget about the galleries, stalls, and bookshops that make this a true art-lovers paradise.

When we visited, the top two floors were showing an exhibition highlighting the LGBTQ community in Southeast Asia. We’re big fans of large-scale installations, and this exhibition gave us plenty of that and more, including an interesting look at the queer community in a part of the world that is culturally very different than Canada.

Photo installation from the BACC

One of our favourite pieces was A Stitch in Time, that questioned the idea of fate and chance encounters. The piece asked viewers to leave something behind and add to the long piece of fabric adorned with little trinkets, passport photos, receipts, and more. A leftover ibuprofen sheet from China was all we had on us, so we tied it to the art with some floss.

A Stitch in Time art installation at the BACC.
A Stitch in Time

Bangkok is a huge city with lots of stones left unturned, so if we ever make it back, we’ll be sure to experience more of what we loved this time around.

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