Night One In Bangkok | Bangkok | SE Asia #019

And the world was our oyster! Well, not quite.

And the world was our oyster! Well, not quite.

Before we arrived, we’d had a long day of sitting around in Siem Reap and waiting for our flight. We only had enough cash left for a coffee each and a tuk-tuk to the airport so we found a café and went full seigneur-terraces (a French word for people who sit at café all day but spend very little) before heading to the airport.

When we touched down in Bangkok, our first bit of trouble began. We couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi to find the address of our Airbnb to fill in the immigration form, which meant a long delay at passport control as we tried to charge phones, log into Airbnb accounts, and convince the agent that we weren’t, in fact, trying to outstay our welcome in Thailand.

We had heard that the Thai people were incredibly friendly and helpful but our cab driver couldn’t have been farther from that. After giving him the address written in Thai, we expected to have no troubles finding the place, but after pulling to a stop on a main road, he just grunted and pointed. So, at 12:30am, without any real idea of where we were, we pulled our bags out of the trunk and began walking down some very dark alleyways.

After wandering around for thirty minutes, we finally showed the address to an old woman cleaning up her restaurant stall who pointed us down the street. We walked in a direction for another ten minutes before asking a hotel security guard who pointed us back in the direction we came from.

We continued to walk in circles until a teenage boy, seeing our tired and confused faces, read our address and tried to lead us to a Bed and Breakfast, but unfortunately, not the right one. However, one of the staff there did his part too in trying to figure out our address.

Then two men sitting across the street enjoying peanuts and beer beckoned us over and had a look. They also had no clue. With more broken english and pointing we were able to have them call the host at 1:30am. It took three tries before we woke her up and she explained the directions to the Thai men, who generously walked us all the way there.

With a lot of handshaking and thank yous, we said goodbye and were happy to make it into our incredibly cute room with a lovely message from our host.

Lovely note left by host at Bangkok Airbnb.

In the end, it took seven different Thai people to get us to our Airbnb safely and we’re glad, even after a rocky start, that what we heard about the people here is true. They really are that nice!

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2 thoughts on “Night One In Bangkok | Bangkok | SE Asia #019”

  1. Not a good way to arrive and BKK can be a bit daunting, especially at night and if you are a bit travel-weary.

    Your digs look great, though and, yes, Thai people really are that friendly.

    Liked by 1 person

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